Why I ‘HEART’ travel

Too often travel, instead of broadening the mind, merely lengthens the conversation – Elizabeth Drew

(… And as I’ve learnt, travel with a healthy dose of alcohol and the last four pages of a Lonely Planet guidebook makes the conversation more entertaining!)



Our night in Heinsa (South Korea) was spent in a fluorescent lit restaurant where my husband and I sat crossed legged on a raised hard wood floor, wishing our feet to stop falling asleep while we tried to finish dinner. Heinsa, a temple village in the mountains, was deserted in the lead-up to Buddah’s Birthday. We were surprised to see another young couple sitting at a table on the other end of the small restaurant. They were trying hard to keep up with the story line of the Korean soap opera showing on the big screen T.V. behind us, while trying to work us out.

She made the first move, timidly coming over to our table to offer us a glass of the milky potent alcohol that they had ordered. She then went back to her table smiling shyly. The party really started when we returned the favour and bought them a round of soju.

We must have been having a lot of fun because even the surly restaurant owner cracked a smile seeing the four of us together.

Not only was it the first time I learned to do a “one shot!” but it was also living testimony to the phrase “Never leave home without your LonelyPlanet.”

The few phrases at the back of the travel guide provided us with enough material to converse on subjects ranging from football (“Beckham is a little man”) to the reason why they were in Heinsa – it was hoped Buddha would push the young gentleman into making a marriage proposal! I do sincerely hope her wish came true…


This is why I “heart” travelling – for the food, the drink and the people (and not necessarily in that order!) I hope my “travel flicks” will interest, rather than bore you and that you’ll take the opportunity to share some of your travels with me!


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