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When East met West…. and then decided to travel together


According to many blogs and websites, travelling is a great way of consolidating a relationship. I couldn’t agree more. In my case it was my first backpacking holiday with M. in Cabo Verde that helped me realise he was indeed my man for life. He valiantly supported three hours of verbal insults as we hiked in beach sandals, over rocky terrain in 40 degree weather, across the Cape Verdian island of Santa Antao.

After that experience M. has never again given me guesstimates on walking time and will never utter the words, “Oh, it’s just round the corner, sweetie.” For my part I never again suggested going on holiday soon after M.’s mandatory time away with the Swiss army, when he found himself in peak physical condition with lots of energy to burn through hiking trips of the kind.

So, yes, travel does help you achieve marital bliss as you figure out, very quickly, what works or doesn’t in your relationship.

However, it’s a whole different ball game when the two people who travel together, come from different continents and hold different passports. Continue reading


Question: How do you dress a donkey?

Not Gucci - but it will have to do.

This picture was taken in Fogo, one of the southern islands we visited in the Cape Verde archipelago a few years ago. This little donkey provided a splash of colour to the otherwise black landscape of this charismatic volcanic island. At first we thought it was a practical joke played by some youngsters.  We later found out that it was to stop flesh eating insects from feasting on this poor animal! Thumbs up to the locals for coming up with such a creative solution!