The Chick

Photo Vanessa

Vanessa Martin Randin currently lives in a beautiful (yet neutral) part of the world – Switzerland.  

Vanessa stays brown even during the winter; a useful aspect of having Indian genes. While she called Dubai her home for 18 years, Vanessa travels with a Canadian passport and her Swiss husband for good company.  

In addition to speaking bad French and a smattering of Swiss German, Vanessa can swear in Arabic and recite a poem about a fish in Hindi.

Her music degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada has rendered her incapable of counting to more than four. And her year spent in Lancaster, England,  has forever messed up her pronunciation of the letter “u”.  

Her appreciation for eating out and trying new foods stems from her intense dislike of cooking. When asked what she’s making for dinner, Vanessa will usually reply “reservations”. On the weekend, she and her husband love nothing better than visiting parts of Europe to taste local wines and other fine foods.

When she’s not talking about herself in the third person, Vanessa enjoys looking for material to keep this blog entertaining and informative, learning to ride horses as well as curling up on the couch with a good book and her cat Indira for company. 


3 responses to “The Chick

  1. That’s the same Vanessa I know… Great!

  2. Vanessa, We need to catch up soon!

  3. Terri Edlington-Cooper


    It’s great to see you blogging again! Can’t wait until the next installment of your adventures!!!

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