The Wadden Sea: Where you can walk on water (if you have the right shoes…)

From Romo with love ©MRandin

Romo is one of The Wadden Sea islands connected to the mainlaind by a causeway. When it’s lowtide, it’s possible to walk on the sea bed – but only if you have wellies as we found out much too late, unfortunately. Nevertheless, this tiny island gives you quite the bang for your buck.

The drive into Romo at sunset would have been more romantic had it not to have been Denmark in October! As the next few photos will show the place has a certain mystism to it, although it’s difficult to fully enjoy in sub zero weather with cars whizzing past you.

The causeway connecting the mainland to the island of Romo. In case you're wondering, no we weren't doing anything illegal by stopping on the hard shoulder... (© MRandin)

 If you do decided to “walk on water” in the Romo area, please use the guided tour option. High tide has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it and you suddenly find yourself in a lot of trouble. I’m not the only one with that point of view. Even the tourist office agrees with me.

The Wadden Sea at low tide (© MRandin)

As the tide comes in on The Wadden Sea (© MRandin)

 As you head to the north of the island you arrive at Lakolk beach. It’s a dog walker’s, kite flyer’s and kite surfer’s  paradise.

The Beach (© MRandin)

I must admit that after living in the Middle East for so long my conception of the phrase “sand dunes” is slightly different from what Denmark has on offer! Nevetherless climbing the dunes does make you feel on top of the world – even if only for a little while.

(© MRandin)

Even the onset of winter does little to stop life on a beach… in Denmark… in October. 

Nordic walking in Denmark - ha! (© MRandin)

The man who knows the value of a good pair of yellow wellies (© MRandin)


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