There’s nothing rotten in the state of Denmark!

The Elephant Gate at Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen (Photo credit: MRandin)

I recently spent three weeks in Denmark: two for work and one for pleasure. While gandering around Copenhagen one afternoon, a group of us came across an outdoor photo exhibit entitled 100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear. The photos were inspiring, so much so that when my husband flew over to join me in Copenhagen in week three, we decided to head over to the west coast of Denmark to The Wadden Sea or Vadehavet as it is known in Danish.

The outdoor photo exhibition in Copenhagen near the Hotel d'Angletterre. Check it out if you're in Copenhagen - they're around till 27 December 2009. (Photo credit: MRandin)

En route, we passed by some amazing places, which I intend to share with you all in my next few posts.

Denmark is an interesting place geographically and culturally. Geographically its islands galore, which makes for an interesting drive accross the country. There are many bridges to cross such as this one, the “Storebaelt bro bridge”, which takes you into the island of Funen.

The famous Storebalt bro bridge linking the island of Zealand with Funen. (Photo credit: MRandin)

(Photo credit: MRandin)

The Danes are a fun bunch of people (they’ve been voted the happiest people on the planet), reflected in their often ecclectic dress sense and bicycle happy demeanour. Their penchant for using bicycles as a mode of transportation has led to “layered” parking for bikes at one train station in Copenhagen.

Piling it on in Copenhagen (Photo credit: MRandin)

Aside from the Swiss and Canadians they’re also one of the most trusting set of people I’ve met. One B&B owner I called, told me that he was about 12 hours away on holiday somewhere but had left the key on the door for any visitors to let themselves in!

A week’s trip in Denmark can burn a substantial hole in your pocket if you don’t earn in Danish Kroners. Nevetherless it’s a great country and offers its visitors an ‘out of the ordinary’ vacation. Speaking about ‘out of the ordinary’ – I will always remember this one dinner on the island of Funen. It’s a local speciality, but is an acquired taste that I’m not sure I could ever acquire…

What would you like for dinner? How about a heart attack. (Photo credit: MRandin)

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