Do your feet need some loving? Call Dr. Fish…

Welcome to the most bizarre feeling in the world. (Photo credit: VMR)

Getting your feet nibbled at by lots of small fish is a strange, strange feeling. It takes some getting used to especially if you’re ticklish.

I first saw this technique on T.V. where the person’s entire body was immersed in water for the fish to feast on.

On a visit to Busan, South Korea in 2008, my sister Vivette (who lives in the country and whose feet are featured in the photo) and her friends Tori and Andrea (you will also find Andrea’s feet in the photo) took me to Dr. Fish.

For a modest sum of money, you can have your feet nibbled at in one corner of the Dr. Fish bar and then finish off the afternoon with a nice cup of tea and cake. The bar also has WIFI for those who feel the need to check their email…


2 responses to “Do your feet need some loving? Call Dr. Fish…

  1. I had this treatment done years ago after a trek in Nepal my feet were destroyed from 7 days of mountains and came out gleaming after one 45 min treatment. So convinced was I by the results and the unique nature of the treatment that I started a “Dr. Fish Spa Therapy” company when I got back home and have centered my life around them ever since. Happy Travels!

    • Vanessa Martin Randin

      Robert, thank you very much for taking the time to comment on my site. You have an excellent website by the way! Good luck, all the best and I hope you come back to visit chickstravelflicks, often!

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