Winter Wheat – A great day “owt” in South Western Ontario

My mother discovered Winter Wheat while on a Mother’s day Shunpiker Mystery Tour about five years ago. Since then this place has become a “must see” for the many friends and family who come to visit my parents in Canada throughout the year.

Playing the "Wind beneath my wings" in the gardens of Winter Wheat (Photo credit: MR)

I find it hard to describe a place like Winter Wheat without falling into the trap of clichés. It is, without a doubt, peaceful, tranquil, cosy and enchanting.

If you stop to ask for directions, most will tell you that it can be found “beyond the trees”.  

Winter at the Winter Wheat! (Photo credit: MR)

The drive way leading up to the main shop is lined with interesting wood sculptures and once parked, you’re free to walk around to discover other figures that have become permanent residents in the surrounding gardens.

Tired? Stop and help yourself to a cup of tea and biscuits in one of the many transformed wooden sheds that dot the property.   

Visitors to the shop are immediately greeted by the smell of scented candles, created specially by its owners. The shop’s large surface means that you can easily spend the whole morning looking through each corner for interesting decorating ideas.

The shop at Winter Wheat (Photo credit: MR)

So yes, it is peaceful, tranquil, cosy and enchanting.

Inside the shop at Winter Wheat (Photo credit: MR)

However, what makes Winter Wheat so special is that it is also home to Mike and Lucy. In essence visitors are at liberty to walk around their private property at will. It’s a leap of faith that I’m not sure I would be able to make. I love it because it’s the “Canadian way”. And I miss it sometimes living in Europe.

So if you are in the area, make sure you stop by for a visit. But please treat the place with care. It was quite upsetting to read Lucy’s writing in the Winter Wheat newsletter.

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