Blind as a…… cow?

Blindekuh or “Blind Cow” located in Basel, Switzerland, is a restaurant with a twist.

(Just an FYI – this is literally all we saw at the restaurant!)

A project of the Blind-Liecht Foundation, the restaurant aims “to promote the culture of blindness and mutual understanding between sighted and blind in our society.”

Yes, you guessed it. Diners at Blindekuh eat in the dark. And in case you’re wondering, no, there isn’t even a slither of light to help you through dinner! Any objects that could emit light, such as watches and cell phones, must be removed before you enter the restaurant area.

Not surprisingly, most guests adopt a no holds barred approach to eating. The upside is that you don’t need to worry about wooing your date with bits of salad in your teeth or spilling spaghetti sauce down your front. You are forced to pay attention to the flavours on your plate and really tune into the conversation at the table.

It is a concept that exists in many cities including Paris, Toronto and Montreal (under the name “O.Noir”), New York and Los Angeles. In Switzerland, Blindekuh exists in Basel and Zurich and reservations are required up to six months in advance.

It really is a unique dining experience and I feel it would be a pity to give out any more information. So I encourage everyone reading this to go and try it out for yourselves.

What I will tell you is that I came away with a great deal of admiration for our waiter. The young man commutes in from across the border in Germany, three times a week, to work at the Blindekuh in Basel. A student of political science, he’s an avid traveller and is multilingual. He himself is blind.

One bit of advice if you plan on eating at the Blindekuh: Order the ‘Surprise Menu’. It makes the evening even more interesting!

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One response to “Blind as a…… cow?

  1. Hi Vanessa,
    This sounds really cool. I live in Basel, and hope to check it out soon 🙂


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